What is IMS Service and its use?

Today we are going to cover an important topic; we are going to discuss on What is IMS Service and its use, from what is IMS service to the pros and cons we will try to cover up most of the things that will help you to know more about IMS Service. In case you find any doubt, do shoot us a comment and we will try to give you a solution asap.

What is IMS Service?

IMS or IP Multimedia Subsystem or IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) is basically an architectural framework that is used for delivering Internet Protocol multimedia services. Historically, mobile phone companies have used the circuit-switched-style network to provide voice call services instead of using an IP packet-switched network. See, there are other methods too for delivering voice, but they have not become standardized across the industry. IMS Service is an architectural framework to provide such standardization.

What is IMS Service and its use?

As a vision to upgrade mobile networks beyond GSM, IMS was started. It was initially invented by the wireless standards body 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). According to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, IMS service was not just created to standardize applications, but also to aid the access of multimedia and voice applications from wireless and wireline terminals.

What IMS Service does is it serves low-level foundations for the technology we use like Push-To-Talk (PTT), Voice over IP (VoIP), Push-To-View, Video Calling, and Video Sharing. IMS Service or IP Multimedia Subsystem Service helps services like calls and SMS to be delivered through an Internet Protocol or IP Network.

Now you must be thinking about what are the fundamental requirements for the IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS service. The main requirement for IMS are linking classic mobile or network based on fixed-line with IP-based networks and further providing additional services. This IP based service, which we are talking about, includes a number of things like voice calls, Video calls, machine-to-machine communication, as well as games.

Yes, with the help of cross-provider function and defined IMS standards, we can establish new services and products within a short period of time. IMS Service allows to operate in an independent way from the access network and can be charged according to service.

What is IMS Service and its use?

IMS was initially used in the year 2003 created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project committee (3GPP). It was initially used for the service network of the 3G UMTS mobile network. Now it is also used for the 4G LTE network. Whilst IMS was only defined for mobile networks; the standard was soon expanded to fixed-line networks.

See this is true that IMS service is an old concept, yes it was popular in between the year 2003 – 2004 almost 11-12 years back, people use to call this a failed concept. But as we all know, time changes everything When IMS has come into the eyes of the operators, and when it was introduced in the year 2003, Operators were conceived this as failed technology because it is was too complex. Operators have seen it as far too expensive and burdensome to be introduced and to maintain. But after the launch of revolutionary VOLTE, IMS Service came into the track again. Now, VoLTE requires IMS. The demand for IMS services is increasing day by day.

I hope now you got a clear understanding of what IMS service is and its use. I have seen most of the android user complains about a specific problem related to IMS Service that is they got a message popping like this “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped,” and it keeps on showing resisting the android user to use their device properly. I personally faced the same problem on my Android 8.0 devices, and this problem is very irritating. I did googled for the solution and found a lot of posts on the Internet; the conclusion was; the post that I found was either hard or too complex to understand.

What is IMS Service and its use?

So if you still want to know; how to fix this issue, I will help you out with some solutions that I have personally tested and found working. I will be giving you a step by step solution on how to fix “IMS Service not working” and “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped”. The tutorial is no rocket science; anyone who knows basic things about android can do this fix very easily. In case you find any doubt related to the tutorial, please feel free to ask as we will get to you asap with the solution.

What is IMS Service and its use?

The first fix that you should try is to delete the cache of the IMS app.  Now to delete the cache of the IMS app, all you have to do is Go to the Settings and the search for the app settings, then go and search for the IMS app. Tap on the IMS app > Storage > Clear Data. Restart your device.

What is IMS Service and its use?

In case the first fix doesn’t work, we have a second fix too. In the second fix, all you have to do is go to setting, then mobile network setting > then try to find Access Point settings. Delete all the access point name. Restart your Device.

Note: After deleting the access point name, you will not be able to use mobile data until you add the access point again. Setting Up access point names is easy. All you have to do is just google your carrier name and then Access point setting. Suppose you are airtel user you will google “Airtel Access Point Settings,” and you will get a number of tutorials. In case you find those tutorials hard to understand, you can call your carrier’s customer care support, and they will help you out.

Third Fix: In case the above two fix doesn’t work. Factory resetting your device is the only option left.

Note: Factory Reset or Hard Reset can lead to permanent data loss and Factory Reset Protection. Factory Reset Protection means after resetting; you will have to log in with the same Google ID that you were previously using,  before the reset or else you will not be able to access your device.

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