Western Digital launches SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe 1TB Pendrive

Western Digital on Monday introduced in India its SanDisk Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Pendrive of 1TB storage space. The dual drive has a USB type-C connector on one end and USB A on the other, making it compatible with wide range of devices, including smartphone, tablets, notebooks and personal computers.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C has a swivel design and metal body. It comes in different storage space, from 32GB to up to 1TB. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C Pendrive comes preloaded with the SanDisk Memory Zone app for easy content management. Once installed on the smartphone, the app helps organise content from different devices, whether it is on the phone, a microSD card, or on the cloud, in one view. It also backs up photos, videos, contacts, and social media accounts.

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“Our customers want innovative solutions that are easy to use and are the right fit for their lifestyles. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our all-metal SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C, which comes in up to 1TB of storage capacity. It offers customers the freedom to create and store more photos and videos and transfer content easily from their smartphones to other devices. Also, it sports a classy design that you would want to carry it with you, ” said Khalid Wani, Director, Channel Sales, Western Digital, in a statement.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C will be available at Amazon from July 4. It will also be available at other e-tailers and offline stores in the country soon. The Pendrive is priced at Rs 13,529.

“More than 40 per cent of the smartphones today have a USB Type-C interface that enables faster transfer of data. So, we are adding a new USB Type-C mobile Pendrive to our SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive portfolio. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C is a 2-in-1 high-quality metal flash drive that offers huge storage to take it on the go and live the digital lifestyle to the fullest. This addition further strengthens our SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive portfolio, underlining Western Digital’s commitment to providing innovative products to consumers in the country,” said Jaganathan Chelliah, Director, Marketing, Western Digital.

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