How Do I Upload Files To Google Drive

How Do I Upload Files To Google Drive

How Do I Upload Files To Google Drive

Well we all know that Google is a worldwide famous search engine, and the enormous preponderance of its income originates from advertising, it has it’s branched over plenty of areas such as cloud computing, software, and hardware. Freshly the company introduced a mobile hardware market by building its initial Google phone, called Pixel.

However, the cloud section of the company is designated as Google Cloud, which carries things like G-Suite, the company’s potency applications like Gmail and Google Drive. Weel, the company was formally authenticated in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page along with the students of Stanford University, California.

Moreover, Google is the principal subsidiary of Alphabet and functions as a sunshade to its Internet matters. And after the restructure, Sundar Pichai graced as the CEO of Google while Larry Page graced as the CEO of Alphabet.

What is Google?

How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

Google is a search engine that was developed in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It was a research project at Stanford University to obtain files over the Internet. However, Larry and Sergey later determined the name of their search engine required to replace, and after that, they decide on Google, which is motivated by the name googol. Well, the company headquarters is recently in California.

Well, Google gets incorporated in California confidentially possessed company on September 4, 1998, in California. After that, Google was reincorporated in Delaware on October 22, 2002.

Thus, an initial public offering (IPO) held on August 19, 2004, and Google shifted to its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and was nicknamed the Googleplex. Further, in August 2015, Google proclaimed strategies and various plans to restructure its diverse concerns as a conglomerate named Alphabet Inc.

However, Google is the Alphabet’s most supervising subsidiary and its determination to continue to be the sunshade of the company for Alphabet’s Internet matters. Moreover, the company’s accelerated growth considering incorporation has remarked a chain of products, assets, and partnerships exceeding Google’s core search engine.

It also contributes services intended for work and potency, email, scheduling and time control, cloud storage, instantaneous messaging and video chat, language interpretation, mapping and exploration, and many more to go on.

The company manages the development of the Android mobile working system that are the Google Chrome web browser, and Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system based on the Chrome browser.

What is Google Drive?

How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

Well, we all know that Google Drive is a file accommodation and synchronization assistance generated by Google. It was developed on April 24, 2012; Google Drive enables users to collect files on their servers, adjust and modify the files across devices, and share data.

Moreover, Google Drive provides apps with offline skills and abilities for Windows and macOS computers, and also for iOS smartphones, Android, and tablets. However, Google Drive surround Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which are a portion of a department suite that sanctions collaborative editing of files, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, forms, and many more. Well, these files are created and edited by the department suite and are gathered in Google Drive.

In other words, we can state that Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage assistance that empowers users to collect and obtain files online. This service syncs saved files, photos, and many more overall of the user’s devices, which include mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

However, Google Drive combines with the company’s further services and systems, which include Google Docs, Gmail, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Google+, and Analytics. Google Drive battles with Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync.

Features of Google Drive

Google Drive features allow you to obtain your files everywhere from the world at any time with immense benefits. But most of the people don’t know regarding it. Furthermore, you may not be receiving the most out of it. As there is a group of Google Drive key features, that you must start applying now to compose your life more comfortable with Drive.

  • Save to google drive
  • Sync you’re all files
  • Upgrade to Google one from the Drive
  • Scan documents
  • Share with others
  • Converts PDFs to Docs
  • Work offline
  • Save Gmail attachment

Pros & Cons of Google Drive


  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • Implement interface features like in-document comments and messaging.
  • Provide people to view past deletions and modifications made to any records.
  • Great Device Compatibility.
  • Assigning documents/spreadsheets/presentations with different people.
  • Convenient and easy to use from anywhere.
  • It set a security level that you’re satisfied with before sharing reports and data with co-workers for viewing, editing, or discussing.


  • Explore within PDF documents in a state if something isn’t labeled or named correctly.
  • Producing organization approaches to the user.
  • Random network problems.
  • No, or we can say that limited VB macro compatibility.
  • File exploration could be developed.
  • No backups for the deleted file.

How Google Drive Works?

How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

Well, to work with Google Drive, the end-user must produce or log in to a Google account. After that, the user should types “” into his or her search browser. Then, “My Drive” will appears automatically, which can accommodate uploaded or synced files and folders, also Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. After that, the user can both upload files from his or her computer or organize files in Google Drive.

However, the end-user can likewise download a Google Drive application to one or more further devices. Aa a Google Drive folder will arrive simultaneously with other folders in all device’s file system. Thus, the files that the user attaches to one folder are accessible by a Google Drive web app or the Google Drive folder on all devices.

Thus, when the end-user generates a file or folder, he or she enhances its owner by default. Now, the owner can constrain the level of clarity and assign ownership to different users utilizing Gmail addresses. Well, the owner can further control authorities for both folders and files, using entrance levels so as “can edit,” “can comment,” and “can view.”

How Do I Upload Files To Google Drive or How To Use Google Drive?

How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

So, finally, here we will simply show you the proper step by step tutorial on how do I upload files to Google Drive or how to use Google Drive:-

  • First of all, you have to open Google Drive.
  • Then simply locate and select the New button.
  • Now simply select the “File upload” option.
How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

  • After that now simply select the file that you want to upload and then click on “Open”.
How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

  • Now your file will be uploaded to your Google Drive.
How do I upload files to Google Drive

How do I upload files to Google Drive

  • That’s it, now you are done.


Well, we have provided you a full guide regarding Google and Google Drive, which comprises its different features, pros, and cons. Moreover, we have also explained that how you can use or how does Google drive works. Well, Google stands for its best competitions and user-friendly UI, and also it’s helpful as it is one of the best search engines available in the world. Not only this, but the tech giant Google also employs many further services that we have mentioned above. And that’s what makes Google a unique search engine.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post then simply do not forget to share this post with your friends, and family.

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